Kail grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and went through the local school system, eventually studying at Santa Barbara City College where he focused on his general education studies.

Demonstrating creative skills for engineering and electronics, Kail was an early employee at the late Burroughs Corporation, during the developing years of Santa Barbara’s computer tech industry in the 1980s.

Eventually he joined forces with his dad, Sig, and the two founded SIKAMA after seeing the need for simple and efficient reflow soldering equipment. While Sig handled sales and marketing, Kail took charge of design and production, eventually receiving a patent for his design innovations of the UP 2000 and UP 4000 machines.

After Sig stepped down for retirement, Kail assumed full ownership and is company President. Under his vision and leadership, SIKAMA continues to offer innovative design solutions and customer service to the global Semiconductor and microelectronics marketplace.