As of March 31, 2014, Sigurd “Sig” Wathne retired from Sikama International Inc. His son, Kail Wathne, assumes the role of President.

Sig and Kail started Sikama in 1982 as a Partnership. By October 1990, they formed a corporation, Sikama International Inc.

From the beginning, Sig, headed the company as President and was very much involved with Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations and Industry Events. Kail, Sikama’s Senior Engineer, heads the development of Sikama’s Machine Design. Both Sig and Kail were always involved in the day to day operation of Sikama.

Sig participated in many Industry Related Organizations including ISHM and IMAPS. He developed World-wide Sales Distribution and Domestic Sales with Regional Representatives.

Sales have grown over the years to include Sikama’s:
Digital 8 x 8 Hot Plate
Falcon 5 – Falcon 8 – Falcon 5C – Falcon 8500 – Falcon 1200
Ultra Profile 2000 – Ultra Profile 4000 – Ultra Profile 1200

And many other ancillary products to compliment and support Sikama’s Conductive Reflow Products.

Under Kail’s direction, Sikama will continue to develop new products in the evolving Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industries.