Sikama’s Production facilities include electronic assembly, machining, sheet metal, product assembly and test. From purchasing to fabrication, costs are tightly monitored to insure Sikama’s customer receive quality products at a reasonable price. Inventory control is but one aspect of Sikama’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Production requisitions the components from inventory and assembles the initial product under supervision of the production manager to insure compliance with design specification. At each phase of assembly, where feasible, the project is inspected and tested – electrical continuity, tubing joint integrity, and sheet metal fitting are typical of inspections and test. It is important that all aspects of the production process be subject to very careful scrutiny, as much to protect the reputation of Sikama as to insure ultimate customer satisfaction. Being a small company, Sikama is able to provide greater personal attention by our staff than would be possible in a larger organization. The project is always under the scrutiny of the project engineer.

Sikama does utilize outside vendors and sub-contractors for some specialized applications such as casting, major machine work, and specialized sheet metal forming. All outside sources are carefully screened, selected and supervised.

Sikama’s production facilities are always open for inspection by our customers.