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Ultra Profile 1200
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Sikama’s innovative line of SMT Reflow Soldering Ovens include both straight conduction systems and Sikama’s patented Conduction + Convection Ovens. Many of our systems are available with liquid cooling and optional software control for both data logging and remote operation, as well as an optional speed/time dwell mode. Our Sweeper Bar technology allows you to integrate our systems into automated production lines with our optional loading and off-loading accessories. The atmospheric control features found on many of our systems ensure quality bonding in an inert gas environment.

Our Conduction technology keeps the heat where it belongs in reflow, on the bottom side of the components. This allows soldering of temperature sensitive components like crystals, and makes your line more efficient by eliminating post process hand soldering. Keeping component temperatures low also results in high yields and long term circuit integrity, and the shadowing and tombstoning effects common with radiation heat are eliminated with Sikama’s conduction heating.

Taking Reflow Soldering technology a step further, Sikama has pioneered and patented “Thermal Technology”. We have combined our proven conduction heat transfer technology with top side convection via a heat manifold to hold edge-to-edge temperature variations to a minimum. This ensures that the entire component is heated to the proper temperature while protecting it from overheating. Sikama Conduction + Convection Ovens provide excellent solder bonding, lower component temperature, faster process control and superior processing of high mass parts.
Precise temperature gradient, repeatable profiles, clean solder bonds, and efficient, cost-effective operation are the design goals for all of our ovens. We have met these goals by developing new technology and working closely with our customers. All Sikama Reflow Soldering Ovens generate consistent, accurate temperature profiles using various numbers of heating and cooling zones, allowing you to tailor the system to the exact needs of your substrate and solder. We believe our ovens represent the best value in high technology SMT Reflow Soldering Ovens. You can rely on Sikama Reflow Soldering Ovens to increase yields, safeguard your product integrity and reputation and increase your bottom line. Your profile is our business.

Sikama’s Falcon and Ultra Profile Series are the best in the business, but our commitment does not end with the sale. We back our equipment with a one year full service warranty and make our expertise available to you, in helping make your operation be as effective as possible. We welcome customer feedback and help each of our customers configure their systems to provide maximum efficiency.